Trade Charge -29-004- Update IMO 2020 New Bunker Charge (BK) of Asia II trade with  effect from 01 January, 2020

Dear All:

We would like to inform you that IMO 2020 New Bunker Charge (BK) of Asia I I trade will be updated with effect from 01 January, 2020.
 Charge name: New Bunker Charge
 Charge code: BK
 Effective date: 01 January, 2020 (on board date)
 Applicable coverage: per following table
 Pay term: follow prepaid/collect of ocean freight
 Rate:

You can find the latest surcharge tables on WEB ILIS: by “Bulletin for Agent Commercial Group Asia – Australia (CBDP)/ Asia – India Sub-Continental (CBDP)/ Asia - Middle East (CBDP)/ Asia – Red Sea (CBDP)/ Asia/North America – South America (CBDP) ”

Should you have any questions or need more information, please contact CMPR at

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Commercial Group
Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp.

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