Mizzen's first product release for 2019 is Limited Offers.

Limited Offers allows a shipping line to offer you discounted prices that are vessel specific.

For example there is a Limited Offer available between Sydney and Shanghai

A shipping line's port pair price can be different based on the vessel voyage to help lines manage varying space and equipment allocations.

The rates are displayed in the same format, with a vessel voyage specific price marked as a Limited Offer.

You review the rate quote terms in the same way you do now. Limited Offer prices are only for a specific vessel until the space allocation for that price is exhausted.

In order to utilise that rate in a booking, it must be booked via Mizzen so the line can file and apply the rate agreement number.

This Limited Offer rate will only apply on selected vessels while there is still allocation to book against.  

Evergreen Line is the first of our partner shipping lines to use this capability with more lines set to follow in the near future.

If you have any questions or would like further information on this or any part of Mizzen, please contact Darren or Tina.

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