We have been live in the Australian market for over two years now, and in that time we have strengthened our carrier engagement and on-boarded over 100 Freight Forwarders. 

We also have seven carriers who can deliver instant rate quotes, which means that Freight Forwarders can get back quickly to their potential or existing customers with fast quotes, which means winning more business.

To celebrate this feat we now offer the following features for free for our registered mizzenit.com customers:

  • Free use of our multi-carrier schedules search on mizzenit.com

  • Send unlimited rate requests to our partner carriers

  • And continue to get the amazing customer service from Tina and our team

For Freight Forwarders who want to improve efficiency and get their Mizzen rates directly into their in-house business systems we now have a "streamline" option for you: mizzenit.com/Help/Pricing

If you want to get access to this service register here: mizzenit.com/Account/Signup

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