Please be informed that APL will apply revised port charges.

**All shipments to USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan and European Union will attract AMS fee of USD30/BL and USD40/amendment.Any house bills transmitted will also incur and additional USD30/HBL

The local surcharges listed in this communication cover Australian local surcharges only. Additional surcharges such as FAF, GRI,
PSS, WRS and charges in destination countries are not listed. All surcharges are subject to change without notice.
*** Notes on the effective dates for PSO/PSC/PLF/PLC/DOC/DDF revision/expiry:

  1. All revised charges are effective from 17 July 2018 except: PSC, PLC, PLF, PAD, DDF from China origins to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, effective 02 August 2018. DDF from all other origins to Australia is effective 15 July 2018.

  2. 2. Manual DOC revised charges are effective 18 July 2018.

  3. Please note the Melbourne Port Licence Fee is now included in the Port of Melbourne Wharfage Charge. The Sydney Port Logistics Charge is now incorporated into Sydney Ports Wharfage Charge

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